Game Seeker is helping your organization leverage the retail power of our local store to help you earn money for your school while you shop. Your purchases will turn into the funds needed for classroom technology, school enrichment activities and other programs that rely on fundraising income. No registering, logging in or tracking.  All you have to do is shop as you normally do, save your receipts and turn them into your PTA/PTSA.  5% of your purchase turns into immediate cash for your school…and it runs throughout the year, year after year. Easy.

We believe that the family that plays together, stays together. That belief fuels our mission to infuse our community with all the games, toys, books and puzzles necessary to support that experience.  Game Seeker is located at 537 State Street. It is 1000 square feet stuffed with  all the classic and not-so-classic games, puzzles and toys as well as plenty of imaginative educational fun stuff like volcano kits, notebooks and art supplies to fuel the school year! Stop by and check it out. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details about upcoming events and programs, soon to launch like Kids Game Night in partnership with the Santa Barbara Public Library!